First off..

Berkeley 2016

First off, I must say I’m pleasantly surprised to see that this URL hasn’t been taken yet! I was sure that I would run into another “This URL has already been taken…” error from Blogger like my many other URL ideas. Especially with the rise of hate speech against Muslims from the Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, one would image an uproar of individuals trying to share their story as an American Muslim and how this land, is in fact, my land…and your land. It’s our land. But I guess majority of that uproar is happening on our private profiles via facebook and twitter. Which means, our stories might not be reaching the masses as much as we’d like them to. Rather, the only real recognition we’re receiving is from our fellow Muslim brothers and sister as well as our Muslim allies and not reaching those in individuals that still haven’t met a Muslim before.

—end of rant—

Getting back to this blog: growing up I’ve always admired writing. There was something magical about being able to vividly express yourself and your experiences through words. You get the chance to relive an experience. However growing up, I was absolutely horrible at writing and even after attending the number one public university in the world, there are still moments where I question my aptitude in English. Writing never came naturally to me, I had to reread my papers multiple times because I’d skip over the silliest of mistakes in my writing. I had English tutors throughout high school because my high school English teachers were not giving me the help I needed- nothing new when it comes to underpaid educators ( a topic for another day). You’re probably assuming now, “Good thing you majored in Applied Math, ya?”. No.

Applied Math is all theory which means, my entire four years was writing out logical explanations. I always wanted to do some creative writing and work on my writing skills in college but the elementary courses I wanted to take in college were exclusively for student that did not score high enough in their composition part of the SAT. Lucky kids…

Graduating from college, moving back to my hometown, and starting a full-time job were a lot of adjustments that I had to face. Some experiences were not as fun while others have kept me laughing and grateful. This blog is here to fulfill my pre-adolescent wish of being a writer while narrating my life of an American-Muslim. Two things:  first, I emphasize the “an” to make it clear that I am in no way speaking for the entire Muslim community, I’m just blogging. Second, you’ll find the parallels between my stories and your own because at the end of the day, you’re american (assuming you’re from the US of A) as am I.

So subscribe to my blog so we can laugh together and grow from interacting with one another.

GTG and eat my apple pie and watch some baseball. haha


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