Bursts of Inspiration

Is anyone out there like me? People that get bursts of inspiration to do creative things? For example, for the longest time I thought it would be the coolest thing if I wrote little segments about my family and friends, maybe little stories all surrounding a specific theme accompanied by their picture.

Or maybe start a podcast…AND MY FAVORITE IDEA THAT I ACTUALLY TRIED, making videos about how to make fondant flowers. I made the video but I was too scared to post it.

See, that’s the problem, I get these sudden bursts of inspiration but find myself not finishing the task I set out to do. I remember back when I was in junior high, we had these really close family friends that really got me into crocheting. But everything I use to crochet came out kinda sloppy. My aunt, would then unravel it and make me start again, at the time watching her unravel it was rather…painful, but it made me a better crocheter. Anyways, one day I was excited to embark on the journey of creating a MASTER CROCHET QUILT. You got that right buddy, I bought a total of 12 pounds of yarn, three different colors to crochet a quilt for my grandma.

It’s been years and I still haven’t finished it. While reorganizing my closet I’d come across it again and another burst of inspiration would surge through my veins as I continued to work on my unfinished quilt.

Burst of inspiration to finish my quilt: 5. Finished my quilt: 0.

I’d set goals for myself that before any major life events, I’d finish the quilt. Like, before the winter came so my grandma wouldn’t get cold or when my sister moved to the bay area and needed something to keep her warm–like a crocheted quilt. My sister has been living in the bay for two years now and I still haven’t finished that darn quilt. My latest goal is to finish it before she has her first child. I’m sure nine months will give me enough burst of inspiration to complete the project.

Oh, let’s not forget the time I played my hand in comedy. I started making parodies of The Office, called The Khandan (‘khandan’ means family in Urdu). I also made parodies of “What’s in my bag?” video (common video done my makeup artists on youtube) with my horrible audio and fuzzy camera… I stopped making those videos when one of my cousins came to me and asked, “Do you really keep Shaan masala in your purse?” I’ve come to realize now that he was the one that didn’t get it. Darn you, tackyboy.

I’ve also tried the business side of things, owning a wonderful DSLR gave me the chance to ┬ádo some photography. Call is beginners luck if you will, but at first I was absolutely wonderful at it. Things started getting more and more technical and real once I got my hands on Lightroom. The University I went to covered the cost of these software for each student. However, with the combination of classes and other obligations having a real shot with doing a photography business wasn’t happening for me. My friend however, Rimsha does absolutely wonderful photography and does sessions for weddings as well. She was a great resource for me to talk to when I was playing with the idea of starting my own photography business. As of now, I restrain my photography to events, travel, and my own adventures that I take.

However, I will say one thing I was successful at was starting a greeting card “business” for selling Eid cards. They were an absolute hit for Eid ul Fitr 2016, I sold nearly 100 cards. In retrospect I didn’t make as much money as I should have, but my goal from the very beginning was to keep this an affordable gift people can give one another. I always felt someone writing out a card showed how they’d gone out of their way to think about a person and write something special to put a smile on their face.


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