Reestablishing sisterhood

One of the things I enjoyed most in college was all the special relationships that flourished by meeting some really astounding women. It made me so happy to be around individuals always trying to be better versions of themselves and really showing me the definition of sisterhood. It’s this commitment they make to prioritizing their girlfriends before anything else and the confidence they embody around all types of people. Not to say I haven’t come across the bad seeds as well, but those girls also thought me of characteristics I should make sure don’t have.

Moving back home, nearly 90 to 600 miles away from the family I made the past four years I was worried that those relationships would fade away as quickly as they had come into my life. I couldn’t have been more wrong, if anything each of my friends and I began exploring new aspects of our relationship with one another. Needless to say, I am very fortunate to have found my soulmates and look forward to learning about each other more as time passes.

But there is one particular relationship that I don’t think I had been spending much time on for the past four years. My Salmo has been the eldest sister in the house for the past four years and her life didn’t only consist of all the pressures that come with being the eldest daughter. Her new role welcomed her with many other challenges that forced her to mature in ways others would mature in their late 20s. So upon my return, I was welcomed by a young lady that stared sadness, fear, and anger in the face but was still not letting those beasts hold her down.

Since May I have been exploring my relationship with my baby sister. A young lady nonetheless but still the cute curly haired baby I proudly called mine when I was in third grade. Salmo’s life was fast pace now, while mine had suddenly started to slow down after graduation. Keeping up with her many responsibilities made me realize I’d need to find a way to match her fast pace lifestyle before she left for college in the spring.

Over the past months, we’ve become a pillar of support for one another. In some ways Salma was my older sister teaching me how to navigate and reteaching me how to communicate better with my parents while I was the older sister treating her out to fun adventures and free food. I can definitely say I benefited most from Salma’s presence this Fall. She was my tutor on a crash course of how to reintegrate into a family lifestyle. But through our ranting and discussions, we found companionship that I didn’t need to drive all the way to the Bay Area for. Salma is the partner that I can rely on. I couldn’t be more blessed than to have my sister around for an extra 6 months before she leaves for college.

I think I might cry a little moving her into her new life at Cal.


One thought on “Reestablishing sisterhood

  1. Before reading this, I was mildly annoyed at you for eating my strawberry cookies but then this made me smile and basically made my day! I didn’t teach you anything sana baji, you already knew all this stuff, I was just jogging your memory! I’ve said this before to you already, but you are probably the person I’ll miss having around the most, just because we spend so much time together now and have finally gotten the rare chance to bond as adults (I know I just called myself an adult which is so far from the proof but I’m enough of an adult to vote so that has to count for something). <3333


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