My favorite Lullaby

Living in the city for the past four years made me 30% more exhausted than I usually felt when I was living in the suburbs. Every morning I was welcomed with loads of information that forced its way through my five senses. It felt as if I was swallowing more information than I needed to.

My ears picked up on conversations happening all around me where they’d continue to echo in my ears until I’d rest my head to sleep. Even at a time of complete stillness, when all I could hear was my clock ticking away my mind would be racing with information I learned that day. Overtime I came to realize that a consistent sound of a fan was the only thing that would drown the noises in my head. If it wasn’t for my insistent, lovely roommate Basmah, I wouldn’t have discovered the comfort of sleeping with a fan on.

Now in Fall 2016, the fan seems like an inconvenient way of muffling the noise around me. I couldn’t be more grateful to the introduction to a new sound that began as something hitting the side of my window. It was a light tap. Several light taps that began slowly and unexpectedly picking up its pace only to slow down again. The sound was consistent with different yet, familiar patterns. It washed over me pushing away any of thoughts that kept me awake at night. My eyes began to slowly close as it drowned every to-do list building up in my mind.

The Fall was welcoming a cold winter, but the rain drops hitting my window never brought more warmth and comfort to my sleep.


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