My Favorite Makeup Brushes on the Go!

From hotel stays in downtown Chicago to checking in for the week in San Francisco, it took me a while to get used to all the packing and unpacking involved in my consulting life. But after about 10 months of different traveling ¬†destinations I’ve been able to minimize my packing! And to be honest, I find this a great achievement.

I’m not one to wear makeup on the daily, but when I’m going to client sites or attending work meetings I really try to make sure I look on point. Mind you when I say “makeup” I mean foundation, contour, light eyeshadow, mascara (obvi), eye liner, and my go to Lolita liquid lipstick. Eyelash falsies? No.

It was really easy to pick only one eyeshadow palette and contour kit but choosing my brushes was what took most of my time! In the beginning I’d keep all the brushes I had which was a little excessive. So I decided to buy a complete morphe brush set which I got for a great deal during thanksgiving. It was the Vegan Brush Set, and I don’t recommend it.

Using it a couple of times now and I can confidently say there are maybe a total of 4 brushes from this entire set that I use. But all in all it’s one of those things that I wouldn’t recommend anyone else to buy.

However what I did find myself reaching for was my old school EcoTools brushes which I absolutely love! The contouring, foundation, powder, liner, blending and dense crease brush are the only things I pack in my go to bag. Especially for eyeshadow they apply my makeup so well and have remained in great shape even after washing them several times. It just comes to show that you really don’t need to spend too much money on items where you can find a cheaper alternative that does the job better than brand named items.

It important to remember that at the end of the day you want to make sure your makeup is all blended together nicely and is applying the way you want it to. Even though I can afford brand name items, I choose EcoTools for all my makeup needs. Glad to have found a brand I can recommend and gift to my little cousins as they start wearing makeup. Thank you EcoTools!

Here are the links to the EcoTools in the picture above:

Just a Disclaimer, I bought these brushes back in 2013 so the design and look of the brushes has changed but the product is still wonderful!


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