My Weekend Get Away Eye Shadow Palette

Can you tell by the eye shadow excess on the mirror that this palette is my favorite? I always make sure to pop it into my beauty bag before leaving for a weekend long trip especially if it’s a weekend filled with some girl time!

This palette was actually a gift I got from my dear older sister. It’s been a longgg time since I’ve had it and only really came to use it more often my senior year in high school and throughout college. As you can tell, Sable is one of my favorites! It’s the color I began using to fill in my eyebrows and it’s a favorite color to use in my eyelid crease as well. Its dual use makes it one of those colors that is vital in almost every night time makeup look I do. For days when I’m not trying to go for a lighter crease color I always pop my EcoTools crease brush into Taupe.

Another one of my favorites is the shimmer color on the bottom, LT. Bronze.After watching Teni Panosian’s Daytime makeup look. It’s the color I use in my middle of my lid to really brighten my eyes. Also for my skin tone, LT.Bronze also serves as a great under brow highlight!

But the shimmer eye shadows are the only colors that spark inspiration. One day I was feeling a little adventurous so I covered my eyelids with Mauve. Threw on some Taupe on my crease and marveled at the beautiful piece of art that I was able to put together in minutes. I fell in love with purple especially because it really made my brown eyes “pop”.  I explicitly remembering getting endless amount of comments that day. Mauve was actually what inspired me to buy Morphe’s Plum Eye Shadow Palette. It was actually also the first palette I bought with my first pay check!

I know in my previous post about makeup brushes I was a little harsh on the Morphe Brush set, but I have to say, I have an absolutely opposite experience whenever I’ve bought their eye shadow palettes.

I’d defintely recommend the Lorac Pro 1 as a great gift idea for Junior High graduations. It also makes a great birthday gift for your girl friends in college. Love it to bits and really hope I can get my hands on Lorac Pro 2, 3 someday too!




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